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Argyrops spinifer is a species in the fish family Sparidae, commonly known as soldier breams. It is native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has an unusually long dorsal fin which gives rise to its common name. It is silver in color with a yellow-green back and black spots. The body is slender, compressed, elongate, and slightly arched dorsal to the pelvic fins or nearly straight with the dorsal profile of head steeply slanted; snout overhanging upper jaw, both forming an angle greater than 90°; small eyes on each side of head; the tip of snout almost pointed in adults; small, narrow, posteriorly situated mouth; lower jaw protruding in the upper half of the mouth; no chin barbel; premaxillary teeth present (usually 5 or 6 on each side); one or two strong canines present on both jaws. Dorsal fin with 11 spines and 14 soft rays, followed by a detached spine lying over the base of the anterior rays; anal fin with two detached spines at its base, followed by a single spine and five or six branched soft rays; pectoral fin with 17 to 18 principal rays; pelvic fins thoracic, but their bases slightly closer to the anal than to the pectoral fins; gill rakers on first branchial arch 9-10 in number. Body with cycloid scales, the posterior margin of head naked; lateral line complete, running straight from above pectoral-fin base to below middle of caudal peduncle, then curving downwards and joining dorsal profile slightly behind the dorsal-fin origin. The lateral line is complete, running along the straight to curving course at about equal distance between dorsal and anal fins. The scales on the body are ctenoid. The fish has 40 scales in longitudinal series between nape and dorsal-fin base, 38 or 39 (40) between nape and pelvic-fin base. It is silvery, more or less bronze in life. Back and upper side of head are green; a conspicuous black spot at the base (below) of each spinous dorsal fin; second or third spinous dorsal fin with two conspicuous crescent-shaped black blotches on its margin, one behind the other, the anterior one the larger; spinous dorsal, caudal and anal fins with black margins, which slender in adults; pectoral fins hyaline; pelvic fins dusky.

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