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asian redtail catfish

Price range: 140 - 240 THB / 1 kg | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-16

Asian Redtail Catfish

The Asian Redtail Catfish is a large, aggressive river-dwelling catfish found throughout much of Southeast Asia. It inhabits a wide variety of habitats but typically in areas of moderate to fast flow.

The Asian Redtail Catfish is an extremely powerful predatory species only suitable for very specialized hobbyists. Due to their size and aggressiveness they require at least a 200 gallon aquarium with an appropriately-sized filtration system (i.e.: canister or sump) capable of processing the water at least 4 times per hour. These fish are nocturnal and require a cave or dark spot in the aquarium to retreat into at night. Plants are not an ideal hiding spot as they will be uprooted by this fish.

Asian Redtail Catfish do not need to be housed with fast-swimming fish, however, they should never be kept with anything slow-moving or long-finned. The best tankmates are medium to large-sized gouramis, loricariid catfish, characins, barbs, etc.

The Asian Redtail Catfish is an avid consumer of live fish. Therefore feeding should be conducted with care not to overfeed them which would result in the water quality becoming severely degraded.

It can be very difficult to distinguish the sexes of this species, but males tend to have longer dorsal and pectoral fins than females do. Females are also rounder-bellied than males are. As with most other fish, spawning occurs when water conditions (temperature, pH balance) are correct.

The Asian Redtail Catfish is not commonly found in stores and care should be taken when acquiring this species as they are often improperly identified. Since this fish is not widely kept, information on their dietary requirements and compatibility with other species may be difficult to find.

Considered a member of the armored catfish family, Ancistrinae: Subfamily: Ancistrinae or simply as an armored catfish, Gastrochilus acarus has many common names including Asian Redtail Catfish, Redtailed Catfish, Blue-eye Catfish, Albino Blue-eyes Catfish, or White Cloud Mountain Minnow. There are many different common names for this fish in the hobby due to its wide distribution in the wild and the lack of people keeping them in captivity. The most popular name is Asian Redtail Catfish.

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