thai cockroach berry price THB/1 kg.

thai cockroach berry - today, latest wholesale market price per THB/1 kg from day 2023-10-19.

Commodity: thai cockroach berry market trend raport, analysis and information.

Newest price30 - 40
Previous price30 - 40
Highest price55
Lowest Price14
Quotes range2021 - 2023
UnitTHB/1 kg

Data source: product quotes, statistic informations, websites, stock quotes

Newest price

35.00 THB/1 kg
Today price thai cockroach berry

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How much does thai cockroach berry cost?

Historical prices, quotes range 2021 - 2023 thai cockroach berry - sheet price.
DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyStock
2023-10-191 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-10-161 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-10-121 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-10-031 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-251 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-211 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-181 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-111 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-071 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-311 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-281 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-241 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-211 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-171 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-141 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-101 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-081 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-08-031 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-07-311 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-07-271 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-07-241 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-07-171 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-07-131 kg3540THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-221 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-191 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-151 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-121 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-051 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-011 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-291 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-251 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-221 kg4050THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-181 kg3040THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-081 kg2530THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-041 kg2530THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-241 kg2030THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-201 kg2530THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-171 kg2530THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-131 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-111 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-031 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-271 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-241 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-201 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-161 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-131 kg2025THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-091 kg2030THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-061 kg2030THBTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-021 kg2030THBTalaad Thai Market

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