oranges 4/5bushelcartons Variety: Valencia Grade:U.S.No.156s Florida price USD/pack.

oranges 4/5bushelcartons Variety: Valencia Grade:U.S.No.156s Florida - today, latest wholesale market price per USD/pack from day 2022-06-29.

Commodity: oranges 4/5bushelcartons Variety: Valencia Grade:U.S.No.156s Florida market trend raport, analysis and information.

Newest price30 - 31
Previous price30 - 31
Highest price31
Lowest Price15
Quotes range2010 - 2022

Data source: product quotes, statistic informations, websites, stock quotes

Newest price

30.50 USD/pack

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How much does oranges 4/5bushelcartons Variety: Valencia Grade:U.S.No.156s Florida cost?

Historical prices, quotes range 2010 - 2022 oranges 4/5bushelcartons Variety: Valencia Grade:U.S.No.156s Florida - sheet price.
DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyStock
2022-06-29pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-28pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-27pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-24pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-23pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-22pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-21pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-17pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-06-16pack3031USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-05-09pack3030USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-05-06pack3030USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-05-05pack3030USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-05-04pack3030USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-05-03pack3030USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-03-28pack2021USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-03-25pack2021USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-03-24pack2021USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-03-23pack2021USDChicago Terminal Market
2022-03-22pack2021USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-30pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-29pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-28pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-27pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-24pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-23pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-22pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-21pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-20pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-17pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-16pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-15pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-14pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-13pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-10pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-09pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-08pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-07pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-06pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-03pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-02pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-06-01pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-31pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-27pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-26pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-25pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-24pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-23pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-20pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-19pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market
2016-05-18pack2223USDChicago Terminal Market

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