Paddy (Dhan) (Common) Mtu-1001 price INR/100 kg.

Paddy (Dhan) (Common) Mtu-1001 - today, latest wholesale market price per INR/100 kg from day 2024-04-17.

Commodity: Paddy (Dhan) (Common) Mtu-1001 market trend raport, analysis and information.

Newest price1850 - 1900
Previous price1850 - 1910
Highest price2183
Lowest Price1360
Quotes range2022 - 2024
UnitINR/100 kg

Data source: product quotes, statistic informations, websites, stock quotes

Newest price

1875.00 INR/100 kg
Today price Paddy (Dhan) (Common) Mtu-1001

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How much does Paddy (Dhan) (Common) Mtu-1001 cost?

Historical prices, quotes range 2022 - 2024 Paddy (Dhan) (Common) Mtu-1001 - sheet price.
DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyStock
2024-04-17100 kg18501900INRBasana Market
2024-04-13100 kg18501910INRBasana Market
2024-03-30100 kg19002100INRBasana Market
2024-03-16100 kg20802100INRBasana Market
2024-03-13100 kg19902100INRBasana Market
2024-03-07100 kg20002100INRBasana Market
2024-02-28100 kg21832183INRBasana Market
2024-02-07100 kg21002150INRBasana Market
2024-01-27100 kg20802100INRBasana Market
2024-01-25100 kg21502150INRBasana Market
2024-01-20100 kg20502050INRBasana Market
2024-01-18100 kg20002050INRBasana Market
2023-10-21100 kg17801790INRBasana Market
2023-10-11100 kg17801780INRBasana Market
2023-09-17100 kg17801780INRBasana Market
2023-08-18100 kg17901790INRBasana Market
2023-08-11100 kg17801780INRBasana Market
2023-07-26100 kg16501670INRBasana Market
2023-04-25100 kg16501700INRBasana Market
2023-04-12100 kg15801580INRBasana Market
2023-03-23100 kg16501670INRBasana Market
2023-03-21100 kg16101630INRBasana Market
2023-03-15100 kg15101580INRBasana Market
2023-03-07100 kg16501650INRBasana Market
2023-02-18100 kg14701500INRBasana Market
2023-02-04100 kg15001520INRBasana Market
2022-05-09100 kg13601405INRBasana Market
2022-02-24100 kg14101425INRBasana Market
2022-02-18100 kg14001420INRBasana Market
2022-02-16100 kg14001420INRBasana Market
2022-02-12100 kg14051410INRBasana Market
2022-02-09100 kg14001410INRBasana Market
2022-02-05100 kg14001405INRBasana Market

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