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Agriculture in Vatican City

The Vatican City is an island of Catholicism in the middle of Rome. The Holy See imports almost all agricultural produce and other foodstuffs from Italy, which supplies its water gas electricity for free as well as trade agreements that ensure it has no need to export anything!

What is the Vatican farm and why do they have one. The Vatican has announced what promises to be a bona fide agro-religious experience: public access to the papal farm outside Rome. Who knew Pope Francis was such an environmentalist? The small village of Castel Gandolfo is home not only for one family but also thousacands and thousands more who live and work there year round; it’s been said that you can find employment at any time during your visit thanks in part due its proximity (just 15 miles!) from downtown Roma—and because many members within this community are employed by Our Holy Mother Church's administration services unit known as "Quartiere della memoria." The farming operation itself produces all sorts vegetables, fruits trees nuts herbs rice legumes maize wheat barley corn olive.

The Vatican farms are home to an array of produce, including artichokes and bell peppers. The farm produces an estimated $330,000 worth of food each year. 80 cows eat hay that is provided by local farmers in addition to fresh grasses for their contentment (nothing treated or processed). They also have access dairy products like cheese made from strict regulations along side North Italian counterparts. The farm produces 320 gallons of olive oil each year, made from olives grown on the property. To make this traditional and pure form for cooking as well as drinking in recipes both ancient and modern Hanley describes how they are ground into "a wide shallow basin with two immense stone wheels standing upright."

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