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Agriculture in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a archipelage of 83 islands that stretch over 1300 km from north to south. The two largest islands make up half its landmass, with 68 inhabited by people who live off the sea's resources both natural and man-made. Vanuatus sits on an edge where it experiences strong earthquakes caused by tectonic plates colliding as well eruptions every so often; however, these events only punctuate what would have been worse consequences if not for constant protection provided through volcanic ash which shields them 10cm each year. Vanuatu is a land of diverse cultures and natural beauty. Its people have worked hard for years to make their country what it is today, but they're not done yet! The next frontier in the Pacific island chain will require great innovation from those who live there as well as an international effort - because after all this time being isolated from global markets Vanuit has been slow growing economically with limited access resources which makes them especially vulnerable when disasters strike like any other developing nation on earth. The Vanuatu agricultural sector is limited in its domestic market. With 75% of the population living off this field for their livelihood, it stands to reason that productivity levels are low and access difficult when there's few people involved with production itself; organic or otherwise, but exports have great potential if they're able produce more efficiently while maintaining sustainability standards. The challenge lies not only at where natural resources go (i..e farms) so much as how these foods can get into premium markets without compromising quality which means increased volume too!
Vanuatu agriculture statistic:Agricultural products: copra, beef, vegatables, fruit, kava, cocoa, taro, yams
Export commodities: copra, timber, beef, cocoa, kava, coffee

Vanuatu agriculture production, sectors

Vanuatu coconuts plantation

In Vanuatu, coconuts are a pillar of their economy. The coconut is grown on around 76 thousand hectares and provides an income for many people living there through copra sales or other means such as planting trees themselves so they can make money off them in addition to providing food from its fruit itself too! In reality though 300 million actual nuts get harvested each year which isn't enough when you consider that this aging population has been planted during colonial times etcetera leading up until today's disputes over land access.

Vanuatu Copra plantation

One of the most important cash crops in Vanuatu is copra. Copras are made from coconut meat and oils, which make up for more than 35% of their exports with around 75 million coconuts harvested annually to produce these goods overseas markets need this product as it provides them an opportunity they otherwise wouldn't have had access too due its uniqueness compared other items such as cocoa beans or coffee beans . There's also over 10 thousand tons sent abroad every year; 2 thousand tons being bulk oil export. Coconut palms grow well on islands like ours since there soil has been enriched by years' worthaf nutrient rich volcanic ash deposited after Mount Eruption blew itself apart centuries ago

Vanuatu Cocoa plantation

The Cocoa Plantation in Vanuatu covers 2,500 hectares and produces organic high-quality cocoa. The cocoa farmers in Vanuatu face many challenges, like those throughout the Pacific Ocean region. However with an increasing demand for organic and traceable certified product as well as a lack of competition from large scale farming operations - they have found themselves at just 10% worldwide production compared to 90%, which goes towards conventional types- this opportunity has arisen! A scheme is now being introduced that will allow each grower across all nine islands register their crop so it can be tracked locally by database system once implemented over time; giving buyers peace of mind knowing where their purchase comes from while also helping these hardworking individuals build up market shares together too.

Vanuatu Kava plantation

As of late, more and more Pacific Islanders are turning to kava as a cash crop. What's particularly interesting about this trend is how it was spurred on by an exports boon in the 1980s that saw increased domestic consumption followed by lucrative overseas markets decades later after Vanuatu became famous for exporting their unique brew - largely thanks due legal action against European Union restrictions.

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