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Uzbekistan agriculture statistics

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Uzbekistan agriculture, farming and food

Agriculture land and production in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia. It was once part of the Soviet Union, before becoming an independent nation when it joined the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Uzbekistan's natural abundance and great climate make it the ideal place to grow a wide range of crops. Uzbek irrigation can provide an even better growing season than other countries due its rich sources for water, which is essential in this arid nation where most people live off only rice or millet (a type straw). In Soviet times cotton was king; exploiting favorable conditions like those found within Uzbekistan were what made them so successful at cultivating these specific types' yields high enough so they would never go unsighted upon by buyers worldwide markets waiting hungry with all their needs unfulfilled while peasants starve nearby. The capital city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. The name, "Tavan," means a place to found an important institution in Russian and was given by the Kazakhs when they settled here during their Turkic migration period beginning around 1200 CE. The Bolor Jooyei Hills that surround this region have made it one tough spot for invaders with natural barriers like mountains. Of Uzbekistan's 32.9 million people, almost 50% live in rural areas as well 75% of the lower income population! Though there has been some decline over time due to economic growth and government support programs like AgriInvestment Services which assists farmers on technology upgrades through loans or grants available at any point during production cycles- it is still higher than average regional poverty rates (13%). Agriculture generates 17%.5 GDP with 15m employed though many are underemployed because they do not meet productivity standards set by farms/factory wages offered for different roles within agriculture operations. As part of their plan to build an agriculture sector that is robust and competitive, the Department for Agriculture & Rural Development (DARD) in Uzbekistan aims to contribute towards improved economic growth as well as trading opportunities. This can be done through ensuring stability within this industry by reducing poverty among rural populations while also distributing benefits equally between people who live on farms or otherwise work with food production- whether it's harvesting crops or slaughtering livestock). A sustainable future demands resilient infrastructure-including transportation networks which are not only efficient but allow us access goods efficiently around world markets." Uzbekistan has received financial and technical assistance from a number of donors for developing its various economic sectors including agriculture. Some examples include USAID, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica), Germany's KfW Bankengruppe AG or South Korea's development bank which have all contributed in some way to Uzbek farmer extension services through their respective organizations' work here over time. UNESCO is another international organization with an important role matching local expertise on issues related not only agri-food but higher level skillsets such as natural resources management.

Modern Agriculture in Uzbekistan strategy and plans

Cotton and grain are the country’s principal crops, but as of 2020-2021 they will no longer be protected by quotas or price controls. This should make way for higher value fruit and vegetables that can help Uzbekistan regain its lost exports from agricultural products at 8%. The government hopes this move is just one step in their strategy to increase productivity through adoption new technologies while developing processing capabilities so farmers have high quality goods available both domestically and internationally with added profit margin once again! Loans and grants worth $600 million will be attracted to digitalize agriculture, increase land fertility, introduce modern agricultural technologies. Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Centers are created in all regions providing more than 100 types of services on a one-stop shop basis including improving soil conditions combating plant diseases selecting seeds etc.. Uzbekistan also needs invest its existing infrastructure with an estimate investment of 826 Million US dollars between 2021 -2021.

Uzbekistan agriculture production

Uzbekistan produced in 2018
  • Uzbekistan wheat production - 5.4 million tons
  • Uzbekistan potato production - 2.9 million ton
  • Uzbekistan cotton production - 2.2 million tons
  • Uzbekistan tomato production - 2.2 million tons
  • Uzbekistan carrot production - 2.1 million tons
  • Uzbekistan watermelon production - 1.8 million tons
  • Uzbekistan grape production - 1.5 million tons
  • Uzbekistan onion production - 1.4 million tons
  • Uzbekistan apple production - 1.1 million tons
  • Uzbekistan cucumber production - 857 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan cabbage production - 743 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan apricot production - 493 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan maize production - 413 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan garlic production - 254 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan rice production - 221 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan cherry production - 172 thousand tons
  • Uzbekistan peach production - 161 thousand tons

Uzbekistan cotton production

Uzbekistan's main agricultural resource has long been its cotton "white gold". Uzbekistan has always been the chief cotton-growing region for Soviet Union, accounting it at 61% of total production. In mid 1990s Uzbekistan ranks fourth largest producer and third largest exporter in world with 4 million tons yield per year . 40 years ago more than 50 percent population were workers while now only 15%. More than 2 million hectares are devoted to this crop due irrigation system that was built up over time.

Uzbekistan crops, fruits and vegetables production

Uzbekistan is a country that produces many cereal crops, including wheat, barley and corn. Rice paddy cultivation takes place in the south of Uzbekistan while other types of grains like rice are grown intensively irrigated oases locally called "arabailos". Other minor produce include sesame seeds or oil from them; onions which have been cultivated since ancient times due to their high nutrient value along with flax plant whose fibers were used for making fabric before cotton became cheaper during Industrial Revolution era . A few kinds tobacco plants too exist there but most people make cigarettes from Virginia-type leaves rather than rolled cigarillos based on preference mainly because laws regulating manufacture thereof within Islamic Republic. Uzbekistan has a long and colorful history of silk production. Though Uzbekistani women have been wearning the country's famous widowsilk for centuries, it is still insignificant when compared with other countries’ industries in this area such as China or Italy who produce over 800 million meters annually - though there exists much potential to change that statistic!

Livestock production in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, livestock production is a major industry. Cattle and sheep are raised for meat as well as karakul pelts which were once an export commodity from areas around Bukhara before being reduced to nearly nothing. The production of karakul pelts dropped from 1.4 million pieces in 1990 to less than 700,000 by 2004 because of the spread and increasing popularity for fake fur clothing. In Uzbekistan 3 million cows produce 5 million liters per year. Cattle, sheep and chickens are raised for their meat.

Agricultural markets Uzbekistan

Tashkent Wholesale Market

Agricultural and food classified in Uzbekistan

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Agricultural companies in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: agricultural machinery companies, food producer, farms, investment companies, agribusiness companies, rural services, agri commodities.


ROBOT SIU Gulistan 121100 Uzbekistan




KUBAI MFI KUBAI KISHLOGI Khalkabad 140100 Uzbekistan


QADIM Q.F.Y. QADIM Q-Q Kadim 140100 Uzbekistan


NAVOI, A.NAVOIY XUDUDIDAN Navoi 140100 Uzbekistan


MIRZACHUL, MIRZACHO L SIU Mirzachul 121100 Uzbekistan


KIPCHAK, ABAY KO CHASI, 143-UY Kipchak 100000 Uzbekistan


BESHKUTAN, G O BDIN MAHALLASI Beshkutan 140100 Uzbekistan

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