Agriculture and farming in Greenland


Number of agricultural advertisements in Greenland:7 ads
Number of agricultural events in Greenland:0 events
Number of agricultural companies in Greenland:914 companies

Agriculture in Greenland

Agricultural advertisements in Greenland, buy and sell classified ads

Fishing in greenland nh

1200.0 USD

Flowers sale in Greenland, imported from all over the world, best prices

1.0 EUR

Meat and seal fur, for sale from Greenland

1.0 USD

Greenland fruits & vegetables and spices supply

1.0 USD

Fresh fishes for sale in Greenland

1.0 USD

Fresh onions, vegetables, best prices

1.2 USD

Atlantic Halibut wholesale price per kg, today, from Greenland, and many more fishes from Greenland.

11.0 USD

Agricultural companies in Greenland

Aalisartoq Jens Frederiksen

Niaqornarssuk 3955,Kangaatsiaq Greenland

Jørgen Frederik Ottosen

Qisuttarissat Aqquta 3961,Uummannaq Greenland


Makkorsip Aqquserna 19 3911,Sisimiut Greenland

Gr 7-209 Salleq

Annersuaq 34 3912,Maniitsoq Greenland

Manasse Nielsen

Mathias Storchip Aqq 15G 3952,Ilulissat Greenland

Boye Lange

Qilakitsoq 42 3952,Ilulissat Greenland

Kaaleraq N

Illumiut Aqqutaa 24 3952,Ilulissat Greenland


Deichmannip Aqquserna 9-111 3911,Sisimiut Greenland

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