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Belize agriculture, farming and food

Agriculture in Belize

Belize is a small country with approximately 360,000 people. It's located on the Caribbean coast between Guatemala to South and west; Mexico north of that border. The western portion consists mostly dense forest which provides few opportunities for trade. Belize is a small, largely private enterprise economy that relies primarily on agriculture and services. The country's exports include citrus fruit as well as sugar cane products like raw cane sugar (jaggery) or refined white table-sugar crystals; bananas round out this list of major export commodities. Agriculture is an integral part of Belize's economy. The sector provides sources for income and livelihoods, as well as food security in the country which thrives on adequate rainfall with a relatively stable year-round sub tropcial climate to produce sugarcane, citrus fruits such cacao or bananas . Agriculture and agribusiness in Belize are integral parts of the country's economy that provide sources for income, livelihoods to many workers. Local produce grown locally contribute positively towards food security. Value-added investments in the agricultural sector of Belize could help to build a more resilient economy by providing irrigation, storage and distribution capabilities for agriculture production. Farming operations generally lack access or efficient equipment needed for maximum output per acre; however this problem can easily be solved through value-added products such as food packaging, preserved foods preparation methods (including drying) that offer consumers greater benefits at lower costs while also boosting producer revenue levels significantly.

Agriculture production in Belize

Banana production accounted for 16 percent of total Belizean exports in 1999. In 2018, Belize produced 1.7 million tons of sugarcane to be heavily dependent on this product for export. Citrus fruits are the second most important agricultural crop. Belize produced 100 thousand tons of orange, 80 thousand tons of banana, and 77 thousand tons of maize. Farmers in Belize crop other agricultural products such as papaya, rice, and soy too.
Agricultural products: bananas, cocoa, citrus, sugar; fish, cultured shrimp; lumber

Banana production in Belize

Banana production in Belize has changed over time. When the first bananas were planted, it was a British colony and American investors helped establish plantation farms that are now run by smaller local farmers. Bananas from Belize are produced for European markets. Banana production in Belize accounted for 16 percent of total exports during 1999. The banana industry was helped by privatization and market development following the 1990s.

Agricultural and food classified in Belize

Agricultural advertisements in Belize, buy and sell classified ads. Agricultural products in Belize, buyers, sellers, importers and exporters: fruits, vegetables, fishes, herbs, aquaculture, spices, grains and cereals, flowers, plants, meat and poultry, dairy and eggs, processed food, farm land for sale and more.

Agricultural companies in Belize

Belize: agricultural machinery companies, food producer, farms, investment companies, agribusiness companies, rural services, agri commodities.

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