Agriculture and farming in Barbados


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Agriculture in Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados is the most easterly in this group. It has a crop land area of 16,000 hectares! Agriculture is still Barbados' top industry, but it has declined in importance. Sugar production dominated the economy. Agriculture now accounts for about three-fourths of all arable land. Most belongs to sugarcane producers. From 1950 when sugar industry declined due low prices - which led then government sponsored programs that aim at diversifying agriculture away from just growing cane towards other crops such as corn or tomatoes. The largest part still remains dominated by large scale farms but there has been some change over time especially because they've implemented these strategies meant helping out smaller growers too! In the 70s, Barbados was a country with high unemployment and poverty rates. In an effort to combat these issues for their people as well as provide long term growth potential in food production that could be used locally or exported globally without harming human health - they started looking at what crops would have sustainable yields over time while also being profitable under global market. The government of Barbados has set out to transform its agricultural sector and make it more competitive by promoting an "agri-business" approach which focuses on use resources, adoption technology properly as well as sound management practices. The goal is for these enterprises produce internationally successful products with significant contribution towards social development while also having positive impact environmentally within the country itself. The proposed plan would secure food security in this island nation by using sustainable methods such as planting trees or recycling water used during production processes.

Agriculture production in Barbados

In Barbados farmesrs start crop vegetables, fruits, livestock, mainly for local consumption. The government of Barbados has not only supported the fishing industry but also invested in modernizing it. The growing of tropical flowers and foliage is an economically sound decision too. In 2001 sugarcane exports reached 8% their total export value $22 million. In 1999 there were 500 thousand tons of sugarcane produced compared to an average 584 thousand tons at 1989-1991. The dramatic reduction was due largely with crop failure and lack of rainfall for irrigation purposes. The people of Barbados grow their own food, but never enough to feed everyone. They rely heavily on imports for staples like rice and beans which are scarce because the island lacks adequate rainfall or irrigation systems that can produce these crops without too much difficulty. Some food crops do get grown commercially-like garlic, cotton, , sweet potatoes, corn, eddoes, cassava, and several varieties of beans.

Livestock production in Barbados

The Barbados is a small island with little land available for grazing. The people of Barbados are famous for their love of livestock. The island has been a regional pioneer in the industry, largely due to its lackluster pastureland and expensive imported animal feed that's needed when good quality land isn't around. Livestock is mainly owned by individual households who look after them themselves. The population on Barbados island is largely relying upon imports for basic needs like meat and dairy products. Most livestock is owned by individual households with estimates showing 23,000 head of cattle; 41 000 sheep; 33 000 Hogs (including registered breeding sows), 5 000 Goats, 4 million chickens.

Livestock production in Barbados

The fishing industry employs about 2,000 people, who catch 3100 metric tons of fish every year. A fisheries terminal complex opened at Oistins in 1983 which helps fishermen with supplies such as fuel tanks so they don't have trouble when it comes time to sell off what has been caught. Fish are a common catch for fishermen in Barbados. The flying fish, dolphinfish, kingfish, turbot, and tuna are among the main species caught.

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Agricultural companies in Barbados

Outshine Trading Corporation

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