Agriculture and farming in Bahrain


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Agriculture in Bahrain

Despite the low rainfall and poor soil, agriculture in Bahrain has always been an important sector of this island country. The date palm is the national plant of Bahrain. With a rich history in agriculture, this tree has been cultivated for at least 2,000 years and its branches are used to make drinkable cups called za'taris as well as basketry made from their leaves or fibers that can be spun into fabric. In total there are twenty-three different varieties grown here. The dates grown in Bahrain are used for more than just their delicious, sweet taste. They're also good medicine! From the1950s through 1970s changing food consumption habits led to a gradual decline of date cultivation as well as salinity problems. Palm trees have been the iconic landmark of Bahrain for centuries. The practice started during Muslim Rule and continued after independence, with a significant number replaced by new kinds agricultural activities including vegetable gardens, poultry production farms and dairy farms . Though now reduced from its original size before Independence to about 3 700 acres , cultivated land still manages 10 000 plots which range in size from sq mats ad up 4 hectares each. The plots in Bahrain are distributed among approximately 800 owners. The ruling Al Khalifas are the greatest landlords of Bahrain, controlling 60% percent or more cultivable land. The agricultural sector of Bahrain is small, employing only 2% percent of the workforce and accounted for 1% of GDP. In recent years farmers have turned their attention to producing crops such as alfalfa (the major crop in Bahrain) that can be sold both locally or exported abroad. The Bahrain Farmers crop figs , mangoes, pomegranate, melons, papayas , turnips, potatoes, tomatoes.

Fishing and pearling in Bahrain

The waters surrounding Bahrain traditionally have been rich in more than 200 varieties of fish, many of which constitute a staple for the population before development on oil. Fishing was an important part to this land's economy. What was once a rich fishing ground for Bahrain's people has now become marred by oil slick pollution. From what marine biologists can tell, the long-term ecological impact of this environmental change is unclear at best but it may be damaging to both fish populations and those who depend on them as their primary form or sustenance source in some way shape or form.

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