Agriculture and farming in Azerbaijan


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Agriculture in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country in Central Asia that has large agricultural resources. 54% percent of the land in Azerbaijan can be called "agricultural," with about 495,000 square kilometers used for farming purposes at present (2013). Around 80% or more comes from irrigation infrastructure such as dams and rivers which help farmers to cultivate crops. Azerbaijan has 871 thousand rural farms and households with 2 million acres under cultivation across all 7 provinces within this diverse country! The country of Azerbaijan has 40,000 kilometers worth of irrigation canals and pipelines to provide water for their land. State and cooperative farms in Azerbaijan are not equally privileged when it comes to using inputs or getting financing. Azerbaijan is home to some 1,200 state and cooperative farms with almost no difference in rights or privileges between them. ​Small private garden plots make up only a fraction of total cultivated land; however they contribute more than 20% towards agricultural production. In some parts of Azerbaijan, it's profitable to grow a variety of crops, grain, cotton, potatoes, sugar beets and tobacco. Thee Azerbaijan's fishing industry there concentrates on dwindling stocks of sturgeon and beluga because they are not replaceable in nature like other species can be after their extinction - this means it's important to conserve these two animals so we know what will come next! The Azeri farmers people of Azerbaijan are known for their dairy products, wine and spirits. The Ministry of Agriculture in Azerbaijan runs procurement centers that buy most of the tobacco, cotton and grapes produced. They also purchase large quantities from other crops like tea or silk for export as well as wheat. The Azerbaijani agricultural exports with a value of 204.7 million USD were exported between January and July 2016, but increased 29% in comparison to last year's amounting to $ 183 million dollars by October 2018! These numbers represent an impressive statistic for such small countries which has been achieved through hard work. In January-July 2016, the estimated value of Azerbaijan's agricultural products was 3290.4 million manat overall with general prices.

Agriculture production in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's main crops are cotton, grapes and tobacco. These account for over half of all production in the country with a combined 30% coming from other important agricultural products such as grains or vegetables that can be grown on smaller plots if needed by individual farmers here including some areas where it might not rain enough during summertime.
Azerbaijan produced in 2018:
  • Azerbaijan wheat production 2.0 million tons
  • Azerbaijan barley production 916 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan potato production 898 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan tomato production 609 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan watermelon production 307 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan sugar beet production 277 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan apple production 277 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan maize production 247 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan onion production 235 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan cotton production 233 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan cucumber production 223 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan grape production 167 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan persimmon production 160 thousand tons
  • Azerbaijan cabbage production 108 thousand tons

Agriculture livestock in Azerbaijan

Livestock farming also plays a major role throughout Azerbaijan both regionally as well as internationally namely because their meat products have gained popularity abroad recently despite its high import price tags associated with feed costs.

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Agricultural companies in Azerbaijan

NR Group LLC

Ziya Bunyadov 1965,building 6, block B, ofis 27,Az 1096


Zira settlement






120 Natavan street

Aznar CJSC

Natavan street 120

Shirin MMC

Azerbaijan,Baku city .B.Bunyatov str17 A

The Shirin Llc Confectionery Factory

Shirin LLC, 17A B.Bunyatov str., Baku city, the Republic of Azerbaijan

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