Agriculture and farming in Armenia


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Agriculture in Armenia

Armenia, officially the Republic of Armenia is a mountainous country in Western Asia that borders Turkey to the west and Georgia to its north. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in Armenia. Armenia was one of the first countries to privatize land after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Armenian farmers had long relied heavily upon monoculture crops. In 2006, a whopping 46% of all agricultural labor in Armenia was employed by this industry. The country has 2,1 million hectares (most of this are mountain pastures), 480 000 ha devoted to farming, grazing land with an additional or so under vineyards/orchards. The percentage of Armenia's population that is employed in agriculture has increased since 1991, when it was at 26%. Armenia has a rich and diverse farming culture, with many crops being grown in areas suited for irrigation. Wheat is the most popular crop of Armenia to cultivate barley as well due its success when grown under volcanic soil conditions native only to this landmass near Mount Ararat. According to the 2014 agricultural census, only 5% of farms in Armenia have more than five hectares. In this small country with a population just under 3 million people and an area that's 93 percent rural as at house hold income level it is not surprising families are farming on less land then what would normally be considered average size. 35% Armenia farms having between 1 and 4.5 hectares while 60% of all family farms have less than 1 hectare of land. The average family farm size in Armenia is only 1.48 hectares (3.66 acres), and it's one of the reasons why many farmers there make use of organic techniques to produce their crops. In 2006 that number shot up to 46% and Agriculture contributed 21 percent towards GDP. According to the data from National Statistical Committee: In 2017, agricultural products were worth $1.937 billion including plant products at $969 million, livestock breeding $907, and fisheries $60 million. The challenge for Armenia's agriculture is to transition from a fragmented subsistence-based economy, which has been the norm for centuries, into one focused more on exports and profitable industry. In order do this they must also address social needs such as poverty reduction; food security/nutrition by providing sufficient jobs in rural areas. What does the future of agriculture in Armenia hold? To make it more sustainable, the government is introducing a 10-year strategy with numerous programs and projects throughout all areas.

Agriculture production in Armenia

Armenia produces a variety of different crops. As of 2019 there are over 121 thousand hectares in cereal fields alone! In 2019, fruit and berry orchards covered 121 179 acres while vineyards make up 16 497 hectares. Ararat valley contains almost all fruit tree farming within Armenia's borders at 43%. Over 70% its cereal fields are found near Shirak County which includes 27.7% farmland devoted to wheat alone. Armenia is a country that has an incredibly diverse range of products, with many different vegetables to offer. From green peas and peppers in both hot colors or mild ones like yellowy orange carrots. The Armenian fruit production stood at 646,569 tons in 2018, 334,342 tons of cereals., vegetables also saw an 8 percent hike up resulting in 560 Thousand kilograms worthwhile roots/tubers production was 415 tons.

Armenia produced in 2018:

  • Armenia potato production 415 thousand tons
  • Armenia wheat production 187 thousand tons
  • Armenia grape production 179 thousand tons
  • Armenia tomato production 138 thousand tons
  • Armenia watermelon production 126 thousand tons
  • Armenia barley production 124 thousand tons
  • Armenia apple production 109 thousand tons
  • Armenia apricot production 104 thousand tons
  • Armenia cabbage production 89 thousand tons
  • Armenia sugar beet production 54 thousand tons
  • Armenia cucumber production 50 thousand tons

Livestock production in Armenia

Livestock breeding is a central component of the Armenian agricultural sector. Over 40% (over half) percent) of Armenia's gross agricultural product comes from livestock, with 95% milk and 55% meat coming off local farms; 93 out 100 cattle raised are Brown Caucasians that are well adapted to climate conditions in this region - making them perfect for dairy or beef production! Holstein cows do especially well here too because they're able thrive on drier pastures than other breeds typically found throughout Europe . Annual exports amounting up 180-200 thousand sheep/lambs makes Armenia oneofleading exporters worldwide. Swine breeding is a major branch of animal husbandry in Armenia and it's more developed around Armavir, Ararat, Tavush Mrazes. In the northern part there are free-stall mountain or forest housing system used for pigs commercial farming mostly raise Landras Petren Duroc breeds which have been combined with other pig races to create hybrids for large scale production. Annually in Armenia are produced 17-18 thousand tons pork live weight. Poultry breeding is one of the most automated segments in Armenia, and utilizes modern technologies. There are more than 10 medium-size and large poultry enterprises that produce eggs or meat for consumption throughout this small country!

Fishers production in Armenia

Armenia has over 250 fish farms. In Armenia, salmonids and acipenseridae are the preferred species for commercial fish farming. Armenia has a rich history of fishing. The country raises 13-14 tons annually, with most being trout and due to its high quality, 20% are exported to Russia. The most common fish in Armenia is the carp. There are also silver and black amur, Sevan summer trout called Gegarkuni, golden trout (karmrakhayt), red-finned or "red "fins which can grow up to 2 meters long!

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Agricultural companies in Armenia

Armenia Wine Company

3 Bild., 1Dead-end, 30 Street

Armen-Hamik Eghbairner Jv Co Ltd

v.Geghashen , Kotayak state , Republic of Armenia

Artashat Cannery Open Joint-stock Company

Ogostosi Ksanereki St., House 145

Beer Of Yerevan Closed Joint-stock Company

Tsovakal Isakovi Ave., House 8



Ararat Group LLC

0701, Araratyan-9,Ararat region, city Artashat, Republic of Armenia

Hayasy Group

voskevaz 11

Merdzavan Alcoholic Beverages Plant

Shahumyan, 7th St. House 26

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