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Antigua and Barbuda capital is St John's on island Redonda where most people live in an urban area called Downtown or West Indian City which has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site for its architecture from 18th century British colonial. The state of Antigua and Barbuda is a small country with many natural assets, including beautiful beaches. One such asset is agriculture which contributes 3.8% towards the GDP in 2009 thanks to their main agricultural products being cotton crops, fruits, vegetables bananas, cucumbers, mango, sugar, cane, coconuts, livestock . t was like living there until someone returns for them! The agricultural sector in Antigua is facing a variety of problems including soil depletion and drought. The lack of water resources has led the country to depend on rainfall or imports from neighboring territories.

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Antigua has been involved in the cultivation of sugar cane for centuries. In the 1970s, Antigua's economy was largely dependent on sugar cane. After the sugar cane industry collapsed, Antigua government take control of 60%, of Antigua's 66,000 acres of sugar cane. Antiguans are now able to export crops like cotton to Japan and bananasto other Caribbean territories. Other agricultural products include coconuts, cucumbers, mangoes, hot peppers to the United Kingdom and Canada. 30% of Antiguan territory has been devoted primarily to crops such as cotton and sugar plants because farmers have difficulty overcoming challenges like droughts or insect pests due their lack of human resources. Mango production was 1 430 tons in 2004. In 2004, they counted 14300 head of cattle 19000 sheep 36 000 goats there were 5700 hogs Milk production in that same year was a whopping 5,350 tons. The government is working hard at increasing grazing space as well improving stock breeding Nelthropp cattle black belly sheep . There's even an emerging poultry industry now too! The island of Dominica is a perfect testing ground for new fishing methods. The government has encouraged mechanization and building of new boats. In addition to encouraging technology like harvesters that capture more fish on fewer trips at sea (or even via longline!), fisheries managers also encourage scientific research while supporting its practitioners through funding programs. The Smithsonian Institution has a Caribbean king crab farming facility for the local market. They are raising these crustaceans in captivity and releasing them back into their natural habitat after they've grown large enough to reproduce!

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