Agriculture and food in Andorra

Andorra agriculture statistics

Number of agricultural advertisements in Andorra:3 ads
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Number of agricultural companies in Andorra:6 companies

Andorra agriculture, farming and food

Andorra land and agriculture

Andorra has a small and mountainous agriculture land area, with only 2% of the country being suitable for crops. Small part of Andorran territory can be used for farming because most areas have high elevations with little sunlight or adequate temperature. Long time ago Andorian agriculture was once mainstay to their economy! Recently however things changed after an upsurge within tourism where visitors were more interested by seeing nature. They produce hay primarily for livestock feed . Cereals such mountain grown rye/barley hybrids which require more water than annual grains like wheat do are often planted.

Andorra agriculture production

Andorra's farms are disappearing as more people turn to imported food. The rural dwellers are mostly occupied with sheep breeding. But many also engage in tobacco growing, which is lucrative and provides a rather good living for those who know how to do it well enough (and that has been an occupation handed down from generation). In the Andorra, tobacco is grown on best lands. The variety that comes from these farms has been prized for its strong quality. Though the Andorran crop of tobacco is usually mixed with eastern due its strong quality and unique characteristics which set one apart from all other varieties worldwide. Mainly used for making cigarettes or snuff (inhaling). Other products grown include cereal grains, potatoes, and garden vegetables. Grapes are used for both raisins and the making of anisette. The lack in modern methods on Andorra's family farms has caused it to become less important within agriculture, but most food still comes from abroad thanks largely due imported goods rather than locally.
Agriculture products: small quantities of rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables, tobacco; sheep, cattle

Agricultural and food classified in Andorra

Agricultural advertisements in Andorra, buy and sell classified ads. Agricultural products in Andorra, buyers, sellers, importers and exporters: fruits, vegetables, fishes, herbs, aquaculture, spices, grains and cereals, flowers, plants, meat and poultry, dairy and eggs, processed food, farm land for sale and more.

Agricultural companies in Andorra

Andorra: agricultural machinery companies, food producer, farms, investment companies, agribusiness companies, rural services, agri commodities.




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