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Albania agriculture, farming and food

Albania land and agriculture

Albania is a country in Europe with an economy that depends on farming and forestry. With 24% of its total land being agricultural, 36% forests, 16% pasture o. The agriculture sector still makes up 21% to Albania's GDP .In 2020, the imports of agricultural products were less than $1 billion. This is a drop from 2018's . The Albanian government hopes to boost agricultural production by providing financial support and facilitating private investment in the agro-processing sector. Over the last years, they've allocated significant amounts of money towards projects which promote fruit orchards as well olive groves for example; vineyards are also being developed with help from international donors like Italy . With irrigation systems now complete , farmers can produce more crops without worrying about drought! The Albanian agriculture sector still has a long way to go in order for it be developed. The limited use of fertilizers and pesticides offers many opportunities, as does organic farming which is much less costly than conventional techniques. There are also high-value cash crops that can bring revenue into this region from abroad such as coffee or citrus fruits. In Albania's climate--despite being mild compared to other regions around Europe, lands aren't able grow crops due largely because they're too small with no mechanization available either. Grain consumption in Albania hovers around 500 metric tons per year; however most of the grain consumed is imported from Russia (with 80%) or Serbia (16%). In 2020 alone there will be 365 thousand tons coming into this market--most likely wheat and maize. The country is mainly mountainous and hilly with river valleys, small coastal plains. The climate in this region is Mediterranean-type. In 2019, there were 351,600 registered farms in Albania and the total export of agricultural goods was valued at Lek 35300 million. This represents 11% increase as compared to only 8% in 2015. The agriculture sector's exports accounted for over one tenth (11%) of all exported products in 2019. Albania agricultural industry is dominated by small agricultural local producers with an average farm size of 1.2 hectares, who have not seen much change in the past years since there are only about 2200 new enterprises entering this business each year on average!

Albania agriculture production

Albania is a country in Southern Europe known for its tobacco, figs, vegetables, fruits, sugar beets, grapes, olives and other agricultural products. Albania is a country in Europe with exports of medicinal and aromatic plants. In 2020, this industry generated around 14000 tonnes worth US$59 million for the economy. Nearly 100 thousand people work cultivating nettles (nettle), cowslip lavender sage among other herbs that are used as natural remedies or export product!
Albania agriculture produced in 2018:
  • Albania maize production 391 thousand tons
  • Albania tomato production 288 thousand tons
  • Albania potato production 254 thousand tons
  • Albania wheat production 240 thousand tons
  • Albania watermelon production 239 thousand tons
  • Albania grape production 184 thousand tons
  • Albania cucumber production 120 thousand tons
  • Albania olive production 117 thousand tons
  • Albania apple production 108 thousand tons
  • Albania onion production 100 thousand tons
  • Albania bell pepper production 81 thousand tons

Albania Meat sector

Albania has seen the production of beef and poultry increase in recent years. The United States remains second only to Brazil as their largest supplier at 10 million dollars annually. Albania imports animal feed and soy-related products, mostly from neighboring countries. In 2020, Albania imported a combined 96 thousand tons of animal feed worth $45 million as demand for these substances is rising due to an investment in the livestock sector by foreign investors over recent years. The country's biggest import partner was Italy which accounted 53% at 23000 tonnes.

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Agricultural companies in Albania

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